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Frequently Asked Questions

What bracket prescription does KLOwen Braces use?

The prescription is whatever the patient needs. It's not MBT or Roth... it's YOUR custom prescription.
With our 27 types of brackets & tubes with various thicknesses and torques, you will have all you need to do a fully customized treatment for any patient.

What are the specifications/details of the brackets?

KLOwen Braces have a 19.5 slot size, which is filled by our 19x25 size wires.
For custom treatment, we need to fill the slot. The bracket with the perfect torque and thickness is automatically populated through the software, allowing a straight course to your goal while greatly reducing, if not eliminating, the need for wire-bending or bracket repositioning.
     Hooks: We recommend using the MidAtlanti Ortho (MAO) hooks if you need them, but we have hooked brackets for 3s, 4s, & 5s if you want them.

How is the bonding technique different for indirect versus direct bonding?

Click HERE to see a video of Brandon Owen showing the indirect bonding exercise with 3D-Printed IDB trays. Since the tray obscures the cure light, you need to cure for twice the normal amount as the instructions of your cure light recommends. No matter what bracket is needed for each tooth, we can keep the space between the tooth and bracket pad within 0.5 millimeters, meaning you will notice after your first case that you don't need to use as much bonding adhesive. 

What indirect bonding software are you using?

We have partnered with OrthoSelect, a digital orthodontic laboratory, using their DIBS (Digital Indirect Bonding System) software with the automated KLOwen Braces feature built-in. It's very user-friendly and creates the easiest-to-use delivery tray that you are able to 3D-Print yourself in-office.
When starting with KLOwen Custom Braces, we will do some of the work for you while training you at the same time on software, IDB technique, messaging, etc.

How much do KLOwen Braces cost?

The 5-case Starter Package (click HERE for details) is $2700, which includes brackets (as well as a backup set for potential debonds), wires, training, and full concierge level service.

Here is the break down per case* after that:

  • Brackets: $12/bracket for early adopters before AAO 2020 ($18/bracket for adopters after AAO 2020).

  • Tubes: $15/tube.

  • Wires: $3-6/wire.

  • Lab Service Fees:

    • Full Lab service (Lab does initial case setup, 3D-Prints, and ships trays) = $120/case*.

    • Partial Lab service (Lab does initial case setup; you 3D-Print) = $90/case*

    • In-Office service (you do all software and 3D-Printing) = $50/case*.

For full dentition, one case* can be as low as $380. This pays itself off as the patient finishes treatment several months faster than usual. 

* One case is assumed to be 2 arches; single arch cases are half the lab cost.

What wires do I use, and what is the wire sequence?

To see the explanation on wire sequence from our training page, click HERE

What about cases with unerupted teeth?

We recommend that you start your first cases with full permanent dentition. However, within 6-9 months, it will be possible to make mid-course corrections by taking a new scan and sending it to the lab for a new digital setup. You can then add those brackets to the newly erupted teeth to finish the treatment.

How long is the turnaround?

When submitting an indirect bonding case through our partner lab, OrthoSelect, there are 2 options:

  1. Lab 3D-Prints and Ships: 10 business days (schedule bonding date at least 11 business days out).
  2. 3D-Print In-House: 5 business days (schedule bonding date at least 6 business days out).

Within months, we expect the turnaround for the In-Office option to be 24 hours! Stay connected for updates.