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First Steps

Instructions to Connect your Scanner with Us

How to Submit a KLOwen Case


Software Installation Files

  • Have a KLOwen rep to set it up for you.
  • Current version: DIBS 5.2.48


Software Training Videos

How to Use the Software - Full Lesson

How to Approve My Case (PDF Instructions)

Tooth Movements

Spaces, Overlaps, & IPR


Clinical Training



Other Instructions

Rebonding a Broken Bracket - VIDEO

Loading Brackets into Trays - VIDEO & PDF

Herbst/MARA Protocol - PRINT

Expander Protocol - PRINT

Recommended Primers Assure, Assure Plus, 3M LPOP, OrthoSolo, Transbond primer.
Recommended Composites

We've seen success with: 3M - Transbond & Reliance - GoTo.

Some doctors have reported success with: American Ortho's BracePaste, Padlock, & Green Gloo.


Treatment Coordinator Materials

Patient-Facing Video

(Ask about getting one with your logo in it?)

2-minute VIDEO

45-second VIDEO

Treatment Coordinator Script


Patient Brochure

(Ask about getting one with your logo on it!)



KLOwen Bracket Guide DOWNLOAD
Bracket Inventory Box Guide (no hooks) DOWNLOAD
Bracket Inventory Box Guide (w/ hooks) DOWNLOAD


Wire Sequence

(Click HERE to see our wire selection in our store)
  1. First Wire: Round NiTi .014 or .016
  2. Intermediate Wire: 18x18 NiTi
  3. Final Wire: 19x25 NiTi
  4. Detailing Wire (if needed): 19x25 TMA or SS

    Wire Size Templates

    (Print this to see which form/size wire you want)

    • Form A (compare to MBT form)
    • Form B (compare to Damon form)



      • KLOwen Braces Patient Video: Feel free to download and embed this video in your website. Show it to your dentist clients to show that you are providing a custom braces option for patients.
      • Patient Brochure: If you don't already have a brochure with your logo on it, contact us to get you one that you can print.
      • KLOwen Logo
      • Contact us for more Marketing Material.

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