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KLOwen Resource Library


Treatment Coordinator Materials

  • Patient Presentation: DOWNLOAD (PowerPoint or Video)


  • KLOwen Braces Bonding Instructions: DOWNLOAD
  • Clinical Training Videos 
  • Wire Sequence:
    • First Wire: Round NiTi .014 or .016
    • Intermediate Wire: 18x18 NiTi; Sizes 1,2,3
    • Final Wire: 19x25 NiTi
    • Detailing Wire (if needed): 19x25 TMA or SS
      • Wire Size Template Form A (compare to MBT form)
      • Wire Size Template Form B (compare to Damon form)
  • Recommended Bonding Agents:
    • Composites: We've seen lots of success with 3M's Transbond & Reliance's GoTo, but some doctors have reported just as much success with American Ortho's BracePaste, Padlock, and Green Gloo.
      • It's imperative to use fillable composite, NOT flowable.
    • Primers: A range of primers will work, from Assure or Assure Plus, 3M LPOP, OrthoSolo, to a normal transbond primer.



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