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Complete Video Collection:

What is the KLOwen Custom Braces System?

KLOwen Braces - Start to Finish (Extended Version)

KLOwen Braces - Start to Finish (Short Version)

How to Submit a KLOwen Braces Case

Bonding Exercise with 3D-Printed Tray

How to Remove Trays (Video by OrthoSelect DIBS)

Rebonding a Broken Bracket

Software Training - DIBS Navigation

Software Training - DIBS Tooth Movement

Software Training - DIBS KLOwen Feature

Connecting Scanner to OrthoSelect

Wire Sequence

  • 1st Wire: 14 or 16 NiTi

    • You can use any round wire that you may already have in stock.
    • Also available for purchase at the KLOwen Braces online store HERE.
  • 2nd Wire: 18x18 NiTi (recommended) or 16x22 NiTi.

    • 18x18 NiTi wires available for purchase at KLOwen Braces online store HERE.
  • 3rd Wire: KLOwen 19x25 NiTi Wire (highly recommended)

  • 4th Wire (Optional): KLOwen 19x25 TMA or SS Wire.
    • Available for purchase at KLOwen Braces online store HERE.


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