We offer unlimited training for KLOwen Braces Providers. Training includes messaging in consults, submitting cases, approving cases through digital treatment planning software, clinical bonding, wire sequencing, and more.

Limited resources are listed on this page.
If you are a KLOwen Braces Provider, and you need help accessing all of our training materials, please reach out to us at 801-309-9912.

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How to Submit a KLOwen Braces Case

Wire Sequence

  • 1st Wire: 14 or 16 NiTi

    • You can use any round wire that you may already have in stock.
    • Also available for purchase* at the KLOwen Braces online store HERE.
  • 2nd Wire: 18x18 NiTi (recommended) or 16x22 NiTi.

    • 18x18 NiTi wires available for purchase* at KLOwen Braces online store HERE.
  • 3rd Wire: KLOwen 19x25 NiTi Wire (highly recommended)

  • 4th Wire (Optional): KLOwen 19x25 TMA or SS Wire.
    • Available for purchase* at KLOwen Braces online store HERE.

 * To purchase KLOwen Braces & Wires, you will need to have your custom login.

    If you have any other questions, please call 801-309-9912 or email 

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